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1. Aggressiveness
abhorrent, abominable, abuse, abuser, abusive, accursed, acerbic, acrid, aggravate, aggressive, agonizing, agresive, alarm, alarming, amoral, anger, angry, apathetic, arrant, arrogance, arrogant, artful, artificial, atrocious, awful, babarism, babble, babbling, bad barbaric, barbarism, bastard, befuddle, belligerent, berate, besmirch, betray, betrayal, biased, bigot, bigoted, bigotry, bilious, bitch, bitter, bizarre, blame, blaming, blatant, blether, blind, bloated, bloody, blunt, boast, brassy, brazenly, brutal, brutality, bullie, bully, bumble, bumptiousness, bureaucracy, bureaucratic, bureaucrats, burglaries, burglarious, cabal, calamitous, callous, callousness, calumnious, catastrophic, catastrophical, clique, coarse, cockily, cockiness, cocky, collaborationist compels, conceited, concoct, confuse, confusion, conspiracy, conspiratorial, conspiring, contemptuous, contraption, contumelious, corrupt, corrupted, cowardly, craze, crazy, cripple, cronies, crude, crusade, cynical, cynicism, cynism, danger, dangereous, deaf, deceitful, defamation, defamatory, defaming, deliberately, delude, delusion, delusive, delusory, demagog, demagogic, demagogical, demagogism, demagogue, demagoguery, demagogy, dementic, demoniac, demonic, deride, derogatory, desparately, desperate, despise, despise, destroying, destructive, detestable, detractive, devil, devilish, devious, devour, dictate, dictates, dictation, dilettante, dilettantish, dilettantism, dirty, disdainful, disdainful, disgrace, disgraceful, disgusting, disingenunous, dismissive, disparaging, distorted, distortion, doctrinal, dogmatic, draconian, dreadful, dunce, dupe, egoict, egoistic, egregious, endanger, endangering, enemies, enemy, enmity, enrage, enslave, enslavement, envy, errant, evil, exaggerated, execrable, exorbitant, fabrication, fabulist, factitious, fake, false, false, -hearted, falsehood, falsely, falsified, falsify, falsity, fanatic, fanatical, fierce, filibuster, filth, flawed, flounder, foe folly, fool, foolish, foolishness, forge, foul, frantic, frenzied, frenzy, frosted, fuck, furious, gangster, geek, gibberish, grab, grabbing, greed, grisly, gruesome, gullible, harass, harassment, hardline, harsh, hate, hateful, hatefulness, hater, hatred, headless, heckle, heckler, highheaded, honk, hostile, hubristic, hustle, hype, hypercritical, hypocrisy, hypocrite, hysteria, hysteric, hysterical, chaos, chaotic, idiculous, idiculus, idiocy, idiot, idiotic, ignorance, ignorant, illusion, illusory, immoral, immoral, immorality, impend, imperil, imperiled, inconsiderate, indoctrinating, infamous, infantile, inordinate, insane, insinuate, insinuating, insinuation, insinuation, insinuative, insult, intimidate, intimidating, intrigue, intrude, intruder, intrusive, jaundiced, junk, liar, loathing, loathsome, lofty, loot, lousy, ludicrous, lunatic, lure, lurk, madman, madmen, madness, machination, malevolent, malicious, malicious, malignant, mammon, mammonish, mammonism, mammoth, maniac, manipulative, mediocre, mediocrity, menace, mendacious, mendacious, merciless, mess, messy, militant, mischievous, misleading, mob, mockery, mocking, molest, monster, monstrous, moron, moronic, muddle, muddled, mug, mumbling, muzzle, myth, naive, naive, nasty, nefarious, nervous, nervously, notorious, obscene, obscenities, obscenity, obscure, obsessed, Obsession, obsessive, offend, offensive, oppression, oppressive, outofcontext, outrageous, overbearing, overriding, overweening, panic, panicking, paranoid, parasite, parasitic, pathetic, pathetical, peril, perverse, philippic, phrenetic, plague, plunder, plunderer, populist, populistic, presumptuous, primitive, propaganda, propagandist, pseudo, puffery, puffy, purpose, -built, pusillanimous, rabid, rage, rampant, rave, raving, reckless, remorseless, repugnant, repulsion, ridicule, ridiculous, rigmarole, ruthless, satan, satanic, savagery, scandal, scorn, scorn, scornful, scornfulness, secretly, seduce, seducer, self, -appointed, self, -assigned, self, -constituted, self, -invited, selfish, self, -styled, servile, sham, shameful, shameless, shit, shortsighted, silly, simpleton, sinful, sinfulness, sinning, slanderous, slanted, slavish, sleazy, smirch, smooth, -faced, smug, smut, snarl, snarling, socalled, spiteful, spurn, stupid, subversive, sulky, supercilious, superficial, tendencious, tendentious, threat, threaten, threatening, thuggish, traitor, traitorous, treacherous, treasonable, unconciliatory, undermine, unelected, unfair, unnatural, unscrupulous, usurpe, vermint, villain, vulgar, vulgarities, vulgarity, vulture, wicked, withering, wouldbe, wreak, wreaked

2. Illusions
actively, achievement, authentic, balance, beneficial, brave, candid, candor, candour, commonsense, constistent, constructive, courage, courageous, credence, credibility, credible, decency, decent, democracy, democratic, democratical, development, devoted, devotion, dignity, discerning, divine, divinity, dream, earnest, earnest, earnestness, effective, effectivity, emancipation, environment, environmental, equality, erudite, ethic, ethical, ethically, ethics, excellence, excellent, fair, fairness, fearless, frankly, frankly, free, freedom, genuine, genuinely, glory, goodness, grace, harmonic, harmony, healthy, heroic, heroical, homeland, honest, humanistic, ideal, identity, impartial, incorrupt, independence, independent, ingenuous, lawful, legitimacy, legitimate, liberties, liberty, lífe, líves, logical, logically, loyal, loyalty, meaningful, moral, morality, nation, nature, objective, peace, peaceful, precious, prestige, prestigious, priceless, pride, principle, proactive, progress, progressive, prosperity, proud, rational, rationality, real, reasonable, relevant, reliable, renown, reputable, reputable, reputation, respect, respectable, respected, reverence, right, righteous, rightful, rightly, safety, salvation, sane, sanity, selfsacrificing, sincerity, solid, solidarity, solidarity, sovereign, sovereignty, staandard, stability, stable, straightforward, supportive, sustainable, sustainablity, tradition, treasure, true, truly, trust, trustful, trustworthy, truth, unbiased, unbiassed, unity, unselfish, value, veritable, virtue, wealth, welfare, wellbeing, wholehearted, wholeheartedly

3 a) Dogmatism - dogmatic expressions
abrupt, absolute, absurd, absurdity, absurdity, abysmal, all, alone, any, anybody, anymore, anyone, anything, anywhere, anywhere, astonishing, astounding, awesome, basic, bombastic, boundless, cannot, cant, categorical, categorically, ceaseless, colossal, common, complete, completely, constant, couldnot, couldnt, countless, crucial, decidedly, definite, despair, diametrical, diametrically, doom, doubtless, dramatic, dramatical, drastical, elementary, endless, enormous, entire, entirely, essential, eternal, eventually, exclusive, explicit, extreme, far, farthest, fatal, fatuous, final, finally, firmly, flagrant, flawless, forever, fundamental, furthest, giantic, gigantic, highly, horrible, horrid, horrific, huge, impossible, inacceptable, incomparable, incredible, incredibly, indefensible, indomitable, inescapable, inevitable, inevitably, inexcusable, infinite, inseparable, insupportable, intensive, intheend, intolerable, irreconcilable, irreconsilable, irrefutable, irrefutably, irremissible, massive, maynot, mere, mightnot, must, mustnt, natural, necessary, necessity, never, nobody, nodoubt, non, none, nonsense, nonsensical, noone, normal, notexist, nothing, nowhere, obnoxious, oddly, only, opposite, ought, overwhelming, perfect, permanent, perplexing, precarious, pure, purely, resolute, severe, sheer, shocking, sole, strict, stunning, such, sweeping, terrible, terrible, terribly, total, totally, tremendous, typical, ultimate, unacceptable, uncompromising, undoubtedly, unforgivable, unheard, unimaginable, universal, unprecedented, unseen, unshakable, unthinkable, urgent, utter, vast, vehement, vested, vigor, vigorously, whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever, wholly

3 b) Dogmatism - non-dogmatic expressions
Aboveall, acceptable, addition, admit, admitted, agree, agreement, alleged, ambiguity, ambiguous, anyway, apart, apparent, apparently, appear, appearing, approximate, arguable, aside, aside, barely, beside, complex, compromise, compromising, couple, debatable, different, disputable, disputatious, disputative, erroneous, extraordinal, extraordinaly, extraordinarily, extraordinary, fairly, frequent, furthermore, hardly, however, inaccurate, incidental, include, including, including, inclusive, incorrect, likely, likewise, lot, maximal, mild, mistaken, mitigate, mitigating, more, moreover, mostly, nearly, nonetheless, noticeable, noticeably, notonly, numerous, obvious, obviously, occasionally, often, overall, partial, particular, partly, plentiful, plenty, possible, possibly, potential, potentially, presumably, prevail, prevailing, prevalent, probable, probably, problematic, proximate, quite, rare, relative, relatively, scarcely, seldom, several, slight, somewhat, sporadic, sporadic, thinkable, untrue, untruly, unusally, unusual, various, virtual

4. Collectivism
we are, let us, let´s

5. Ideological thinking
words ending with -ism, -ist, -istic exceptions: words that do not snad for ideology; words standing for ideology identical with the idelogie of the analysed subject

6. Dramatic words such as fight, blood, death
1 group: attack, attacker, combat, fight, fighter, force, forcing, fought, scare, scary

2. group: appal appalling, blood, bloodshed, bloody, crime, criminal, dead, death, die, disaster, disasterous, disastrous, dying, fear, fearful, frighten, frightening, havoc, lethal, violence, violent

7. Using symbols
anthem, badge, festive, flag, in the name, motto, oath, solemn, solemnity, symbol, vow

Coefficient of irrationality = (V1 + V2 + V3a - V3b + V4 + V5 + V6 + V7)/total number of words

V1...... expressions of category 1
V2...... expressions of category 1